Lysa Gamboa-Levy

Lysa Gamboa-Levy | Co-Owner, Embassy Consulting Services

Lysa Gamboa-Levy is responsible for Embassy’s youth programs. She developed the Ambassador Program, a year-long comprehensive leadership program for 4th – 8th grade students and has served as the Program Coordinator of the Ambassador Program at Weaver Elementary School in Los Alamitos since 2006. The program provides students with leadership skills, opportunities and experiences that empower them to be life-long leaders. Lysa serves on the Human Relations Task Force and the District Safety Committee for the Los Alamitos School District. She played a significant role in launching P.E.A.C.E. (People Exhibiting Appreciation and Compassion for Everyone) Week, an annual district-wide event where schools engage in lessons and activities to maintain a safe, inclusive and respectful community that prevents bullying behavior.


Lysa has an extensive background in human relations and leadership development. She is the former Senior Program Director for a national human relations organization and was responsible for the design and implementation of all programs which included the Building Bridges Human Relations Camps, Talking in Class, An On-Campus Dialogue Program, Human Relations Education and Facilitator Training, Cultural Awareness Program for the Long Beach Police Department and several workplace programs. Lysa also co-designed and facilitated the Neighborhood Leadership Program, a nationally recognized program for grass-roots leaders that is provided by the City of Long Beach Housing and Neighborhood Services Bureau.