Public Safety Training

The climate in the world today provides an uncertain environment that requires expert preparation and public safety training to maintain safe, respectful and inclusive communities. By providing premier public safety training solutions tailored specifically for each public sector we serve, Embassy hopes to improve community relations and preparedness in the event of a tragedy.


Below we’ve included some of the public safety training sectors we serve and invite you to read more and if you’re interested in securing training please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Training For Law Enforcement | Public Safety Training

Law Enforcement

Embassy has 30 years of experience creating police courses and training for law enforcement. Embassy has traveled around the country, as well as Internationally, training delegations…

Fire Department Public Safety Training

Fire Department

Emergency response personnel are on the front lines of delivering fire and medical services and must be committed to keeping their career on track with on-going professional development training.

Public Safety Dispatcher Training

Dispatcher Training

Public Safety Dispatchers play a critical role in every public safety agency, serving on the front line, under a lot of stress and dealing with a wide range of calls.

Probation Department Training | Probation Police

Probation Training

It is important that probation officers receive frequent and practical probation department training to effectively deal with the challenges they face in every setting.

Civilian Management Training | Public Safety Training

Civilian Management

If you are a civilian supervisor, manager or someone aspiring to promote into these positions, you would benefit from Embassy’s Civilian Leadership Institute (CLI).