Public Safety Dispatcher Training

Public Safety Dispatcher Training For The Workplace

Embassy Consulting has over 30 years of experience designing and delivering training courses for thousands of public safety personnel, including fire department training to departments such as the Long Beach and Monterey Fire Departments.


Emergency response personnel are on the front lines of delivering fire and medical services and must be committed to keeping their career on track with on-going professional development training. Embassy specializes in designing curriculum and courses to meet the needs of the agency and can include courses on leadership, ethics and cultural competency.

Public Safety Dispatcher Training

Mental Health Awareness Training Needed For 911 Dispatchers

Today, firefighters, paramedics and EMTs are becoming mental health first responders and are often inadequately trained for this daunting task. Tragedies between public safety personnel and the mentally ill are occurring more frequently. One bad incident can cause devastation to families and public safety agencies.


Embassy Consulting Services has designed valuable training courses taught by a police officer and a clinical psychologist. Each class also has a guest speaker, a person who lives with a mental illness who shares with audiences, the challenges of living with a mental illness.


Our classes have been delivered to over ten-thousand first responders in the Western States and consistently receive high praises from both command staff and line level personnel.

Dispatcher Training Topics

Public Safety Dispatchers play a critical role in every public safety agency. They serve as the front line and have a very stressful job dealing with a wide range of calls. Dispatchers are also one of the first to be forgotten when it comes to training opportunities.


Embassy Consulting Services works with agencies to customize their training courses to meet the needs of the department. Our training courses are interactive and allow the students to immediately put into practice what they have learned.


Topics include:

  • Civilian Leadership Institute
  • Stress Management and Wellness
  • Building Resiliency
  • Human Relations/Cultural Diversity
  • Interacting Effectively with the Mentally Ill
  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Bias Based Policing

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