Racial Profiling and Unconscious Bias Training

“Remaining Fair and Impartial”


Embassy Consulting Services has been involved in the original curriculum design of the Sate of California mandated racial profiling training with the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).


Embassy’s newest refresher course “Bias Based Policing: Remaining Fair and Impartial” is designed to teach officers about unconscious bias in an effort to remain as fair as possible. Our course helps officers recognize not only what bias based policing is, but how to recognize it in themselves. Further, it helps them understand the critical importance of remaining fair and impartial in their discretion and decisions while on the job.


Unconscious Bias Training Improves Officer Conduct


Our racial profiling and unconscious bias training features scenario-based segments that provide a review of how an officer’s personal bias may affect their day-to-day work in law enforcement. This course is facilitated by certified racial profiling instructors, and meets the mandate for the two-hour racial profiling training update and fulfills the requirements of PC §13519.14(g) and POST Regulation 1081(a)


If you are interested in having our racial profiling and unconscious bias training class at your agency, please use the contact us form or contact Jillian Ball at (562) 380-0837 or at [email protected].