Commander Greg Schirmer (Ret.)

Greg Schirmer | Embassy Consulting

Greg Schirmer is a retired commander from the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) in California after serving for 24 years. Greg began his career at the LBPD as a police recruit in 1998. He was promoted to sergeant in 2007 and lieutenant in 2015. Greg has held assignments as Bicycle Patrol Officer, Community Policing Officer, Public Information Officer, Financial Crimes Detective, Underwater Dive Team Officer, Investigation Bureau Administrative Sergeant, Basic Recruit Academy Sergeant, and Watch Commander. He served as the Special Victims Section lieutenant for almost four years then promoted to commander where he lead the Port Police Division and later the Special Investigations Division. He taught various Basic Recruit Academy courses on topics ranging from racial profiling, leadership and ethics to criminal law.


Greg holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the California State University, Fullerton, and a Masters of Arts in Public Administration from the California State University, Long Beach. He has a beautiful wife of 19 years and two teenage boys.