UCLA Shooting Shows Why Nightlock is Needed

UCLA Shooting Shows Why Nightlock is Needed

Two people were killed in a murder-suicide on the UCLA campus, today, June 1, 2016, prompting a campus-wide lockdown and forcing hundreds of terrified students to hide in buildings. Many students took the initiative to shelter in place and also barricaded themselves in classrooms and offices. It appears that students and employees used cords, rope and other items to help secure doors that could not be locked.

In these types of situations, The NIGHTLOCK LOCKDOWN allows a teacher to lock the door from inside the classroom. FAST & EASY DOOR BARRICADE. The ability to lockdown from inside the classroom eliminates exposure during a hostile intruder situation. The NIGHTLOCK LOCKDOWN anchored securely to the floor, uses the strength of the floor. It can withstand tremendous force. On a conventional classroom door, and Intruder or Active Shooter can break a door window, reach in and gain access to the door knob lever to open the door. But, with NIGHTLOCK LOCKDOWN at the floor level, it is out of reach.


Embassy Consulting Services, LLC has partnered with Nightlock and can work with your school or organization to help keep you and your students and employees safe in an active shooter event.