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LBLN: Safe School Summit Hosted By Former LB Police Commander Joe Levy

The Long Beach Local News (LBLN) was on site to report on the first annual Safe Schools Summit. — Embassy Consulting is pleased to announce the launching of their 1st Safe Schools Summit. This day-long event brings together a diverse group of professionals that include educators, administrators, law enforcement and school safety professionals to collaborate and work together towards creating and fostering a safe and secure learning environment.

Embassy Consulting Services conducts active shooter training for Imperial Unified School District

There have been over 20 school shootings in the nation alone this year.

Today the Imperial Unified School District took necessary steps to make sure their teachers and educators know what to do when an active shooter is on campus.

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UCLA Shooting Shows Why Nightlock is Needed

Two people were killed in a murder-suicide on the UCLA campus, today, June 1, 2016, prompting a campus-wide lockdown and forcing hundreds of terrified students to hide in buildings. Many students took the initiative to shelter in place and also barricaded themselves in classrooms and offices. It appears that students and employees used cords, rope and other items to help secure doors that could not be locked. Continue reading