Jesus Garcia // Deputy

Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office

I attended your Crisis Intervention Training Class on May 30, 2018 and have attended other Mental Health training classes throughout the state.

Your class has been the most comprehensive, informative, and relevant to my job as a Deputy Sheriff.

I use what I learned in your class on a daily basis and have recently been selected to teach CIT within my own department.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and compassion.

Click here to learn about our Mentally Ill training for Law Enforcement.

Christian Jarlov // Head of School

San Diego French-American School
I wanted to thank you again for your presentation during our back to school days at San Diego French American School

I really appreciated your professionalism, the value of the advice given, the positive impact that you’ve had on our Faculty. Even though the session was long (4 hours) and in a busy period for the teachers, no one complained as you managed to:
– keep everyone engaged
– assess teachers initial knowledge
– show short videos that gave additional perspectives
– organized focus group and team work
– used humor
– did a walkthrough of the campus giving teachers precise guidelines on the Hide/Barricade strategy

I would recommend to any school your program!

From Robert // Officer

La Palma Police Department
Last Friday dispatch received a call from Orange County Mental Health requesting our help to 5150 a 20 year old male subject that has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and has not been taking his medication for a couple of weeks. Three of us were dispatched to the call. We met with two mental health workers and they told us that they have had contact with the young man on numerous occasions, and he has always been extremely violent and uncooperative. They were contacted by his mother who is very afraid of her son when he is not taking his medication. He has assaulted her in the past and she cannot longer deal with him.

We entered the residence with the mental health workers and contacted the subject. He had clinched fists and was very hostile and uncooperative. I was able to use all the techniques that I learned from taking your class on Interacting Effectively with the Mentally Ill. I remembered the video that we watched in class on how someone that is schizophrenic perceives what is going on around him. I was able to establish a rapport with the subject using the techniques from the class and he voluntarily complied with everything I asked him to do. As a result he was able to be transported by ambulance to the hospital without the use of restraints.

The results were amazing. This could have turned out badly but instead no one was hurt, and we did not need to use force to get him to comply. The mental health workers said they have never seen him be so cooperative. What I learned from your class REALLY works.

David L. Maggard Jr. // Chief

Irvine Police Department
Joe Levy was referred to our department and came with a great reputation as a skilled, passionate and engaging trainer. He trained our entire police department and received high praises. I would recommend Embassy for all your training needs.

Ronnetta J. Johnson, M.A. // Director

CSP Victim Assistance Programs & Dispute Resolution Services
Josef Levy has provided excellent training for my organization on several occasions. He is equally effective with line staff, supervisory staff, criminal justice professionals, and community members. Josef has special expertise in Leadership Development and Cultural Competency, but I would trust him to provide excellent training on a wide variety of topics. He is insightful and adapts well to a variety of circumstances. Josef is extremely personable; he has the ability to build rapport and engender trust quickly.

Dr. Dave Long

Former California Secretary of Education
Joe Levy was a keynoter at our Safe Schools Conference and was a “big hit!” He is extremely knowledgeable, highly
respected, very insightful, candid, and enlightening! I would highly recommend Joe Levy as a speaker and facilitator. He will always be an important part of our conference and our educational family.

Janet McCarthy // President/CEO

Goodwill, Serving the People of Southern Los Angeles County
As a major service provider for people with barriers to employment, we at Goodwill Serving the People of Southern Los Angeles County, understand the need to continually reassess and re-frame how equity and diversity are applied in our policy and practice. We also recognize that if we are to remain responsive to the diverse needs of the people we support, our staff and stakeholders, we must engage Diversity Trainings as a critical piece in our ongoing work to build sustainable, reliable and honest relationships within our community. To these ends, we contracted with Josef Levy to develop and facilitate training for our entire staff that would help us move forward in the process. Mr. Levy far exceeded expectations and because of his experiences and abilities it became apparent quickly that there was much for us to learn. We look forward to continuing our training with Mr. Levy in the future and would not hesitate to recommend Embassy Consulting Services LLC.

Maria M. Rohaidy // President

Long Beach Bar Association 2009
Josef Levy, President of Embassy Consulting Services LLC, is one of the most articulate, inspirational speakers I have ever had the pleasure to hear. His insight and knowledge about diversity and the dangers of stereotypes is both educational and powerful. When I asked Joe to address the Long Beach Bar Association, I received nothing but positive comments from all of our members. He intertwined knowledge, statistics and personal stories to create a memorable experience for all.

Anonymous // Training Sergeant

Southern California Agency
Joe, I want to thank you for presenting this class to our department. Some officers were not looking forward to attending, probably because it meant they had to wake up early, but others realized what a huge concern this is for us and were interested in getting some help.

After the classes were taught, I have to tell you, that I can’t remember a time that I received so many good reviews on any training course that the officers have attended. I don’t think I have had one negative comment, which was evident by the evaluations that were filled out. I am confident that you and Eli will be busy for a long while.

I wish you all many successes in your future courses and look forward to working with you again in the future. I have attached the last batch of instructor evaluations, but they too are all positive.