From the Top-Down, a Police Chief’s Journey to Health Recovery

Charles Celano – Former Tustin Police Chief

Former Tustin Police Chief, Charles Celano, shares his story of how the damaging impact of trauma, left unchecked and chronic stress, left unmanaged had a negative impact on his overall health and wellness. It is also a message of learning to build the layers of resiliency needed to survive and thrive in a public safety career.

Overcoming Infidelity in a Police Family

Sgt. Sandy Longnecker – Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Sgt. Sandra Longnecker shares a very personal side of law enforcement that most do not talk about in public-the impact of a law enforcement career on marriage and how infidelity was the last thing her and her husband (retired LE) would have thought would happen. Sandy brings perspective in how to prevent infidelity and if it happens how to heal and create a strong, secure and loving partnership.

The Aftermath of a Law Enforcement Suicide

Anna Trusk – Former Wife of Officer Derek Trusk

Anna shares an intimate side to suicide nobody typically hears about-home life, an affected marriage and the impact of accumulated trauma that caused a downward spiral. By sharing their story she hopes to help others know it’s ok to ask for help, the importance of creating balance and that our choices affect others.

Surviving Cumulative Trauma and Building Resiliency

Ret. Officer Nick Wilson- Founder – The Resiliency Project

Retired officer Nick Wilson shares his journey to recovery after years of critical incidents which led him to a Post-Traumatic Stress diagnosis. His story of resilience and the fight for his life is both heartbreaking and inspirational.


Nick now dedicates his life to breaking stigmas so other officers won’t suffer in silence. Nick is also the founder of The Resiliency Project, a non-profit organization supporting first responders.

The Impact of an Active Shooter Event – A Dispatcher’s Perspective

Marie Pope – Senior Dispatcher

On October 12, 2011, a mass shooting occurred at the Salon Meritage in Seal Beach, CA. Eight people were killed. Dispatchers are the first to get the call and have historically been forgotten. Marie will bring a perspective we often don’t get to hear. She will discuss the challenges they were not prepared for and how they overcame the operational and emotional aftermath.

A Firefighter’s Journey Through Post Traumatic Growth

Jason Cash – Long Beach Fire and Founder of Halos4Heroes

Jason Cash, like most first responders is a “fixer.” At only 34 years old, his wife died of cancer, leaving him with an infant son to raise. Jason battled depression, turned to alcohol for comfort and at one point had suicidal ideation.  Jason realized at the lowest part of his life that he needed support and to be fixed before he could help others. Jason’s story of loss and accumulated trauma is an amazing story of resilience and post-traumatic growth. Now, peer supporter and the founder of Halos4Heroes he is creating a culture throughout the fire service that, “It’s Ok to not be OK” and facilitates a peer support group for first responders.

Life Without a Limb – How one Deputy Sheriff Fought to Get Back to Work After Losing His Leg

Deputy Aron Grumbles – Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Aron was riding his motorcycle off duty when he was hit by a distracted driver. Aron lost a portion of his leg and has learned how to navigate life with a prosthetic blade. Aron will share his emotional journey to get back to work and what he did to pay it forward.

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