Emotional Support for Law Enforcement

Embassy’s emotional support for law enforcement training deals with the challenges of “Thriving in a Law Enforcement Culture”


First responders are routinely exposed to traumatic incidents, the worst of the worst human devastation and daily pressures that require a strong and stoic toughness of attitude and temperament. Without this tenacity, they couldn’t do their jobs effectively.


Sometimes, however, the stress and trauma that accumulates begins to impact their attitude, emotional resiliency, work and relationships. The goal of providing training in emotional support for law enforcement is to create awareness and build emotional resiliency. It is no longer a badge of weakness to ask for help, but a sign of strength to talk about what you experience.


If you are interested in having this law enforcement training brought to your agency, please use the contact us form or contact Josef Levy at (562) 577-5874 or at embassycs@ymail.com