Got Grant Money for Crisis Intervention Training?

Crisis Intervention Training

Got Grant Money for Crisis Intervention Training?

Dear Law Enforcement Leader,

Are your officers equipped to deal with the ever-growing population in your community that suffer from a mental illness? Do they have ALL the tools necessary to deal and intervene effectively with the mentally ill?

Today, police officers are becoming mental health first responders and are often inadequately trained for this task. Tragedies between police and the mentally ill are occurring more and more frequently. One “bad incident” can cause devastation to families, the mental health community, police officers and their agencies. One tragic incident can also damage your department’s image and negatively impact police-community relations for years to come.

Embassy Consulting Services, LLC has trained over TEN-THOUSAND law enforcement professionals on how to interact effectively with the mentally ill. Embassy has designed a robust eight-hour course that will provide your employees with new skill sets and tools to keep them safe and keep your agency out of the headlines. Contact Embassy Consulting Services today!