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    Students are required to volunteer for on-campus community service jobs during
    the school year. In additon, they sponsor school-side community service projects
    that demonstate that they C.A.R.E. (Compassion-Action-Responsibility-Empathy)
    for their community and the world.
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    The Ambassadors are excepted to be role models who demonstrate character,
    communication, cooperation,collaboration, courage and commitment.
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    Each year there is a program theme which influences lessons, projects and
    the school culture and climate. The theme is launched at the Retreat where
    students engage in team building experiences and focus on human relations
    and leadership development.

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The Ambassador Program is a year-long youth leadership program that provides an inclusive and comprehensive approach to leadership development for school communities.

The Ambassador Program empowers students by providing them with opportunities to develop leadership, human relations, team building and communication skills. Students make a commitment to lead by example, demonstrate respect and responsibility and engage in community service.