Our school will be celebrating our tenth year of leadership training with our Ambassador leadership program. This program has built a foundation of leadership, service and citizenship among our students. Hundreds of students have had the opportunity to train and practice in this inclusive environment. I love that no student is turned away from wanting to be a leader! Many thanks to Lysa Gamboa-Levy and her team for helping us to build such an amazing program on our campus.
Erin Kominsky
National Distinguished Principal

I have been an ambassador for two years. I don’t have enough time to tell you all about ALL of the hundreds of things I have learned and experienced as an ambassador. The highlights include building on my leadership skills, becoming a better public speaker, responsibility and ownership of who I am. It is through the Ambassador Program at Weaver that allowed me to learn these things.
Harrison R.

The Ambassador Program enhances my daughters’ public speaking and leadership skills as well as taking their responsibilities seriously.  It also helps my daughters understand why it’s very important to get involve with community service projects.
Rachel N.
Ambassador Parent

My daughter takes great pride in being an Ambassador.  She literally shines when performing her Ambassador jobs and her self-confidence shows through.
Jackie S.
Ambassador Parent

My favorite experience was the CCEJ Breakfast because we got to represent Weaver and lead the flag ceremony.
Brian L.

I am so glad my daughter was invited to join the Ambassador Program at Weaver this year.  It has made her a much stronger person. She has become more aware and active in her school environment.  She has learned to take on more responsibility, both in her academics but also with the jobs she must complete for the program.  Best of all, she has always been a very caring person and now shows this within the community she lives and even globally.  It is a sensational program! 
Lynn C.
Ambassador Parent

The Ambassador program is a unique and one of a kind program that offers students the experience to build leadership skills at a young age.  All students on the Weaver campus benefit from this program.  Kids participating in the Ambassador program gain leadership skills, compassion, and the awareness of diversities in our school neighborhood and community.  Younger students gain the experience of working with the older kids.  In my classroom, the Ambassadors give my kindergarten students another opportunity to be read to.  When the Ambassadors walk into my classroom, the faces of the kids they read with light up!  It really is a magical thing!  I was just talking with my kids today about being kind, showing respect, helping others, etc. One of my kindergarten kids said, “You mean like the ambassadors?  They do kind and wonderful things.  When I grow up, I want to be an Ambassador.”  I think that says it all! 
Stacy S.
Kindergarten Teacher

I have learned so much by helping out in the special education preschool classroom. I have learned to be patient, understanding, compassionate, and nonjudgmental. Being in the ambassador program allowed me to learn these things while doing my job.
Max R.