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History & Acknowledgements


The Ambassador Program was founded in 2004 at Weaver Elementary School in Los Alamitos, California. Originally, Weaver offered a traditional student council. However, this provided a limited amount of students to serve in leadership positions. In an effort to create a more inclusive school community, the Weaver Ambassador Program was piloted by Erin Kominsky, Principal, and E. Joseph Arias, Ed.D., 4th grade teacher.

Our son was one of the first participants and I began my association with the program as a parent volunteer, having a professional background in human relations and leadership development.  In 2006, I began to serve as the programs’ co-facilitator and created structured lessons and activities, and formalized the process and procedures of the community service “jobs” and projects.   With the support of the school Principal, teachers, staff and families, the Weaver Ambassador Program has impressively grown.  Today, there are over one hundred fourth and fifth grade students participating at schools in  Los Alamitos and Irvine, California.

It has been a vision to expand the Ambassador Program concept to other schools. I believe that it is important to promote an inclusive process where all students are provided the opportunity to find their voice, to build their confidence and, to become caring and compassionate leaders who value and appreciate others. We hope that you will join us and accept our invitation to embark on a new leadership journey that  will  transform your school community to be a safe and inclusive learning environment.

With appreciation and respect,

Lysa Gamboa-Levy, President

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