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About the Author


Lysa Gamboa-Levy began volunteering as the Ambassador Coordinator at Weaver Elementary School in Los Alamitos, California in 2006. Although the program had been in existence since 2004, she is responsible for revising the program format and curriculum content. Lysa currently serves on the curriculum sub-committee of the Bullying Task Force for Los Alamitos Unified School District.

At an early age, Lysa was taught by her parents the importance of communication, inclusion, acceptance and advocacy; the foundation to build bridges of understanding and respect. Her grandfather served as an Ambassador from the Philippines to India and England. He was elected Vice-Chairman for the Special Political Committee where he served with Dr. Ralph Bunche, U.N. Under-Secretary for Special Political Affairs.

Lysa has an extensive background in human relations and leadership development. She began serving as a volunteer with The California Conference for Community and Justice (CCEJ), formerly The National Conference of Christians and Jews in 1994. She served as the Senior Program Director from June 1995 to September 2006. Lysa was responsible for the assessment, design and implementation of all programs which included the Building Bridges Human Relations camps, Talking in Class, An On-Campus Dialogue Program, Human Relations Education and Facilitator Training, Cultural Awareness Program for the Long Beach Police Department and several workplace programs. She also planned and coordinated the CCEJ Interfaith/Intercultural Breakfast which celebrates the diversity of the Long Beach community. In 1996, Lysa began her 14 year partnership with the City of Long Beach, Neighborhood Services Bureau, where she was responsible for the program design, facilitation and staff development for the nationally recognized Neighborhood Leadership Program.

Prior to joining CCEJ, Lysa was an Instructional Assistant at Franklin Middle School in Long Beach where she supervised the dropout prevention program, Up With Literacy. She was responsible for 175 students and 30 College Aides who served as tutors and mentors.

In 2008, Lysa and her husband Josef, a Commander (retired) with the Long Beach Police Department, were the recipients of the Family Peacemaker Award from the City of Long Beach Human Dignity Program. That year she was also recognized by the Los Alamitos Unified School District with the Heroes of the Heart Award for her work with the Weaver Ambassador Program. In 2006 she received the Gene Lentzner Human Relations Award and the David Landry Community Service Award in 2001. In 2000 she was recognized with the Glen Poling Award for Programming Excellence at the NCCJ National Leadership Conference.

Lysa and her husband have four sons: Jacob, Adam, Nathan and Noah.